Fuel management

Monitor and reduce fuel costs

Track fuel usage
Complete management of your fuel. Monitor and manage fuel consumption to reduce fuel costs, eliminate fraud and fuel control fuel waste
Cutting Unauthorized Miles
Running a fleet is a costly endeavor. Fuel efficiency is one area where, with the right fleet management programming, you can lower some costs. Consider adding fleet tracking to your fleet’s operations, and watch as the fuel savings start to add up
Import fuel data
you can easily import fuel date from csv file into epifleet. Enter fill up is a simple task that you can perform as you go.
Fuel management
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track fuel log
reduce fuel costs
Epifleet help you to analyse fuel data to understand the cost peer vehicle. identify vehicle with better or worst fuel consomation. with an odb2 device you can monitor driver behavior and take action in order to reduce fuel consumption
fuel  saving
Monitor fuel tank
read data from fuel sensors
Epifleet supports a wide range of sensors devices.Sensors give you a very precise data about fuel consumption and fuel entry are automatically saved in epifleet.
fuel logs
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