Real time gps fleet tracking

track vehicles and monitor driver behavior

Real time alerts
Be warned in real time when vehicle reach destination.Monitor exceptions like overspeeds, ignitions, and hours usages.
Control fuel waste
Monitor driver behavior that cause inefficient fuel use.Choose the best route for trip to limit fuel waste.Monitor sensor data about fuel consumption and reduce driver fuel usage
Plug & play gps tracking device
Epifleet obd2 device do not require any installation. just plug and start tracking
Real time gps fleet tracking
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access to the gps device data History anytime
Speed, stop, time, location, etc epifleet store all informations from gps tracking device. With map replay feature retrace vehicle's trips for a chosen period of time.
fleet real time tracking
gps tracking report
Generate report on driver behavior and assets
Travel sheets, overspeeds, underspeeds,fuel thiefs ignition,etc epifleet provide a lot of useful reports to understand your fleet expense and driver's behavior
driver behavior
define virtual zone
create geofacing, places and routes.set notifications when a vehicle enter or leave a zone.
geofacing gps tracking
Real time gps fleet tracking
We can easily store information and manage all tasks within the software so we don’t have to depend on old ways of managing fleets with endless spreadsheets and files. The software displays data in an organized way and can be easily analyzed.
Try Epifleet risk-free for 15 days