Gps Fleet tracking and Fleet maintenance

Complete fleet management platform for vehicle maintenance, fleet tracking and driver behaviour monitoring

Drive your fleet to greater success

Reduce fleet costs
Improvement in financial plan is the most significant benefit to an organization. Your vehicles will last longer with regular repairs and proper documentation. By keeping your equipment and vehicles in a sound condition with epifleet, you can cut the costs of costly breakdowns.
Increase safety by eliminating driving risks
Epifleet can diagnose the troubles that are triggered by vehicle, thus significantly reduce the driving risks. When something goes wrong with the vehicle, Epifleet generates automatic request within the system.
Easy to use
This flexible software platform provides benefit from manager to technicians to match the specific fleet needs. It offers the ability to configure solutions to meet the unique necessity of different fleets with minimal requirement of training your employees.
Empower you fleet with epifleet plateform
Easy to operate software to simplify management and to increase the efficiency of your fleet
Schedule and track work orders, payments, inventory, fuel logs, and create all vehicle maintenance requirements using Epifleet.
Easily handle your vehicle and staff information with Epifleet. Track all information of your vehicle documents and staff details in one place. Set reminders easily to renew contacts with drivers.
Epifleet fleet management software provides data that you can analyze time to time to improve the performance of your fleets and to make more informed decision making.
Epifleet fleet management software
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