Logiciel puissant de gestion de flotte et d’inventaire de pièces

Fleet Management and Part Inventory Software

Owning a big fleet of vehicles is not just an achievement but is big job itself in managing the same. There are lot of things that an owner needs to thinks of while managing the whole system. If done manually, it will be not be possible for single person if even for a group of persons to get everything on track and running up to best quality. Keeping in mind IT has come over to help this filed with fully automated software or what we can call a Fleet Management and part inventory software. Maintaining the big fleet is almost impossible without using this software’s. There is a number of software or frameworks in market to help with this but core theme of all the software is almost same that is to make the Owner’s job easy and efficient to best possible extent. All the Fleet Management software provides some common basic plus few advance features to get the job done. The Two major deliveries that software stands responsible for are Overall Fleet Management and Part Inventory control.

Fleet Management

This is the overall Management of all the vehicles from the point any vehicle is introduced in the fleet until the point where vehicle is retired from the fleet. Fleet Management provides the following:

Vehicle Procurement

The first things a good Fleet Management system has to do is to get a new vehicle into the system on request or as required. This provides user the ability:

  • To generate the request forms with required specification,
  • Generate order form on approval of quotations,
  • Has Ability to enter the pricing details or purchasing details.
  • Once the vehicle is purchased, it generates some unique number of codes for the vehicle to be used until the vehicle is in the system.
  • Enter the vehicle specification in the system.
  • Order required infrastructure for the vehicle like GPS, Camera etc.

Vehicle Details While In Use

Once the Vehicle is in the system, the software has to maintain every record and tracking of the same and should provide the user the ability and flexibility for:

  • Maintaining the Service Requirement, Schedules For Vehicle

This will be a complete record for the Vehicle service schedule like after what mileage the Vehicle should be send for service. Also it should maintain the details on how long the service of maintenance will continue so as to remove the vehicle from Ready status or available status in system. It will also maintain the complete service record of the vehicle including any part replacement or any accident that vehicle was involved in

  • Entering the Job or Work Assignment for the Vehicle

This feature should give user complete details on the job details, job duration, location, payment details for the job, Driver on duty for the job. This should also maintain the record of all the past Jobs where Vehicle was used along with all the assignment details like location, Driver, completion status, user feedback and payment status.

  • GPS and Fuel Efficiency Tracking

This is the most advanced feature in the modern Fleet Management Software. This gives the exact location of the vehicle using the internet or even without internet. This is an extremely helpful feature so as to locate your vehicle within minutes in case of any issue. Also the more extension to the feature is to go though some technical analysis on the Fuel efficiency, best routes for vehicles and hence results in saving a lot of money to the owners. This feature has also helped in predicting the next available time for the vehicle for the next job and hence will help the system running to maximum efficiency.

  • Reporting

This is very helpful feature being given by all the leading Fleet Management system and provides a number of useful reports for analysis of on-going business and to predict the future vision. Few important reports are:

  • Work order reports: This will give the overall or vehicle wise or driver wise work order report of month, quarter, yearly or whole till date which generates the data of overall work done in particular period.
  • Service Report: This will give the overall records of services with details for all or particular vehicle.
  • Fuel Efficiency Report: This will provide the data for particular vehicle or over all data for fuel being consumed against total mileage being covered giving overall fuel efficiency.
  • Insurance Payments Reports: Will give the overall or vehicle wise insurance cost over last few years.
  • Customer Satisfaction Report: Will give the overall customer feedback status or stars for particular work order or whole service for a particular period of time.

Vehicle Retirement

Once the vehicle completes its workable age, it starts getting more maintenance and service. So it is important to either retire such vehicle or to use them on low Mileage work orders. Such Vehicles are maintained by this module. This should provide the user to ability to:

  • Tag such vehicle in the system so as to not come in available status in regular work orders.
  • In case vehicle is being sold and going out to fleet, mark the vehicle out from the system and it should not come in any list for any work order.
  • Generate reports of the entire vehicle going out of system.
  • Achieve the system data for these vehicles for future reference.

Part Inventory System

This is another module of Fleet Management Software that work parallel with the Vehicle in Use Module. The function of this module is to maintain the details of all the replacement parts during the work orders of the vehicles. For example, it will maintain how much the new Tyres have run on the vehicle and hence will keep enough inventories in the system to replace the tyres after usable age or mileage. This will give user the ability to:

  • Track all the parts coming into the system through requirement or direct purchase.
  • Generate procurement request or order forms for the parts.
  • Generate request for the requirement for a part.
  • Maintain the part replacement history for per vehicle as well as overall.
  • To keep a service record or service details under which the part has been replaced (irrespective of it is regular maintenance or due to accident).
  • Keep a track of warranty details of all the parts so as to get claims or extended warranty of required.
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